Rishi Yoga - All Wisdom is Within

We are a Yoga Studio in Reno, NV. All of us here, teachers and students, were drawn to the practice of yoga for physical reasons, as most people do. Our muscles became stronger and more flexible. Our breath deepened and our minds calmed. We uncovered the extraordinary healing power of the ordinary moment. The mat became the place where we learned to love ourselves again. The mission of Rishi Yoga is to spread the simple message that the power, beauty and love you are seeking for are already within you. The practice of yoga is the process of uncovering the diamond that has been forgotten and buried within your own heart. The mat invites you to come as you are, and if you accept and honor the invitation, you will discover that you are a rishi: someone who has remembered their true nature.

Rishi Yoga

If our mission resonates with you, please note our “requirements” before you start your practice.

Not required:

  • Touching your toes, standing on your head or knowing what a chakra is.
  • A young, thin and bendy body.
  • Fancy yoga clothes.


  • Willingness to accept and love yourself as you are.
  • Openness to question your thoughts and consider a shift in your perspective.
  • Trusting that through this process, you will remember that all wisdom is within.