Rishi Yoga - All Wisdom is Within

Dear Rishi Yogis,

August brings us the opportunity to take a ‘summer break’ for the teachers, students, and studio to recalibrate. We don’t want you to fear we are quitting or walking away or closing. We will be back, and because of this break, we will be stronger in September to hold space for our community. What does this mean?

There will be no live classes online or in person for the month of August.

  • You will not be billed if you have an automatic monthly plan and if you have a pass they are extended another 30 days.
  • We will be offering a pre-recorded class from each teacher on our website FREE for the month of August to use as many times as you want to fit in your routine. (You can take your phone to the park and do yoga with your favorite teacher, or try a new one, anytime of the day or night.)
  • We invite you to follow our social media pages for a daily #YoCanDoThis campaign. Each day will have an educational post on a yoga pose you can do, modifications will be offered, and what that yoga pose does for you. Invite friends to follow us and spread the word that yoga is for every BODY!
  • During this break we know that there will be challenges. We choose this to help Rishi grow and continue to support our community to the standards we’ve set. Remember it’s not about what you can see happening, but what wisdom you can feel and hear on the inside. We hold the key to all the wisdom within ourselves. The amount of stimulation and overwhelm created in the world leads us to take this time for us, and you, to recalibrate and begin again in September. Use this break to go inside yourself, breathe, and create.


We value your suggestions and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you what you want for September and beyond. Please contact Carol with your suggestions and questions.

“A man feared his shadow. He ran and ran until he collapsed dead from exhaustion, without ever escaping. If he had only stepped into the shade and rested—he would have escaped.”

~ Folktale