Whether you are brand new to yoga, or have been practicing for years, we are sure that there is a class for you at Rishi Yoga.

If you have any questions, or would like to make sure that a given yoga class is right for you, please feel free to contact us. You can always come to class 15 minutes early to discuss your needs and goals with the instructor.

Rishi Yoga Classes

Sunrise Yin

Start your day off right with a calming morning Yin practice. Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body- the tendons, fascia, and ligaments- with the aim increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Yin poses are held for longer periods of time- up to five minutes using props to support the body so it can relax. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivation awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnection quality.

Midday Repose

Midday Repose is a blend of yin yoga, restorative yoga and myofascial release. Props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, therapy balls and straps) are used in longer-held simple poses to achieve a deep level of physical and mental relaxation. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated, allowing the body and mind to rest and digest. Muscles and connective tissue are given space to heal and return to their natural stare, and the mind is expanded and freed from the unnecessary chatter.

Align and Flow

A well balanced, intermediate level yoga class offering students the opportunity to develop strength and heat through vinyasa (flow) and create awareness and growth through a heavy alignment focus. In addition, breathing exercises and a thoughtful theme add a serene and healing element to your practice.

Balance and Strength

Balance and Strength goes beyond a purely physical yoga practice as it is also an invitation to contemplate and implement a more balanced approach to our life by applying our authentic strength to our daily challenges. A slow paced flow builds functional core strength and activates accessory muscles used for stability and agility. This practice peaks with balance poses and transitions to yin (deep stretching) poses, leaving you feeling calm, centered and grounded. Balance and Strength is suitable for students of all levels, including beginners.

Core and Restore

This class combines functional core stability work with restorative and yin yoga. The first half of the practice is a hatha/vinyasa sequence that will gently build heat in the body and allow awareness to expand beyond the body through the use of the breath. The second half of the class is an opportunity to integrate the transformative effects of the practice and nourish the nervous system by deeply stretching and restoring muscles and connective tissue. This powerful combination of strength and surrender is also an invitation to authentically integrate these qualities in our daily lives.

Half and Half (Flow and Yin Yoga)

This practice gives us the best of both worlds: a dynamic flow in the first half, and a deeply restorative session in the second half. We build heat in the muscles and expand the breath to shift our attention from the mind to the body, so that both the mind and body can relax and restore. Beginners without any injuries or physical limitations are welcome.

Power and Peace

Power and Peace combines elements of a powerful flow with soothing and introspective qualities of yin yoga (longer-held stretches) as well as pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. Expect a dynamic and physically and mentally challenging practice that will invite the internal movement of the breath to carry the external movement of the body. As the life force is intensified and stilled, and the mind is calm and focused, the physical practice becomes a dynamic form of meditation. Challenging the body and mind to find a balance between effort and surrender imbues the physical practice with lightness and grace. We practice Power and Peace on the mat so that we can gracefully and authentically live our lives with a perfect balance of power and peace.

Powerful Center

This is a power style flow focused on heating the body and finding the strength within to clear our mind through movement. There will be vigorous flow, balance poses, options for arm balance and delicious lengthy stretching poses to finish practice. All levels are welcome and come ready for a great vinyasa practice that will invigorate and cleanse to help you find your center!

Peaceful Warrior

This class ebbs and flows between powerful moves and stretching sequences in a mellow vinyasa style. All levels are welcome; beginner and intermediate poses are used. As we flow through poses gracefully with our breath we aim to find peace through our movement practice. This practice is powerfully grounding and uplifting. Mixing flow with stretch will strengthen and tone while allowing for that release and opening we crave from our practice. Come ready to open your heart and settle your mind through movement!

Flow and Grow

Flow and Grow is a one-hour vinyasa (flow) class infused with the lessons of today’s greatest personal growth authors. Enjoy inspirational themes with challenging movement set to music. Find personal and physical growth on your mat and bring it into the rest of your day. All levels are welcome. Be ready to be challenged mentally and physically in the most liberating way!

Functional Flow

Functional Flow creates a foundation for a strong, sustainable yoga practice. With a Vinyasa base, we will explore movements and techniques that allow for a broader range of motion, greater flexibility, sustained strength, and promote joint health. Deepen your anatomical awareness, and challenge your practice. There will be a great emphasis on breath, and conscious motion.

Mellow Flow

This is a slow moving, but continuously flowing and powerfully grounding practice that blends beginner and intermediate poses. Flowing at a mellow pace allows the muscles to tone and release, while the heart gently opens and the mind settles down. Beginners are welcome.

Flow and Meditation

This class blends a continuously flowing and powerfully grounding and strengthening practice with the healing and transformative effects of meditation. This practice is a perfect way to shift our attention from the mind to the breath and the body by strengthening, toning and opening the body in a mindful, breath-centered and non-aggressive way. The flow part of the practice will range in intensity from mellow flow to power flow. Please don’t be intimidated by the power flow part; modifications will be offered, and as always, you are invited to rest whenever you need to. The post-flow meditation allows for the integration of the expansion created during the flow and invites us to bring the ever-present background of peace to the forefront of our experience.


Quick Fix (Flow and Meditation)

Please don’t judge the effectiveness of this class by its short time (45 minutes). Quick Fix is a powerful way to get your daily practice by providing a perfect blend of a full spectrum (whole body) flow and a guided meditation to seal the physical practice, leaving you energized and relaxed at the same time. The flow part of the practice, which consists of different variations of sun salutations, will use a minimal amount of cueing and talking so that the flow becomes the stepping stone for the ensuing meditation. Familiarity with sun salutations is preferred, but not required.

Weekend Repose (Restorative Yoga and Meditation)

This practice is the perfect end-of-the week retreat packed in just 75 minutes. In restorative yoga, props (bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps) are used in longer-held simple poses to achieve a deep level of physical and mental relaxation. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated, allowing the body and mind to rest and digest. Muscles and connective tissue are given space to heal back to their natural state. The practice concludes with a guided meditation, allowing for a recalibration of our focus and a shift into a more spacious way of perceiving the daily grind.

Grace, Power, and Release

This class will be a powerful vinyasa aimed at challenging and empowering you. With a foundation of tension and release, we will ground down to fly high. Expect a little bit of everything from twists, hips, balancing, and the unknown. Let go of what is no longer serving you to embrace the power you have inside! This class will be on the intermediate to advanced side but all levels are welcomed and encouraged to attend!

Sunset Grace and Restore

Calm the mind and body while extending yourself insurmountable Grace with this soothing Restorative Yoga class. Restorative yoga poses can be deeply supported by props (blankets, bolsters, and blocks). During the class, you will be guided to mindfully and consciously notice thoughts and sensations in your body. You will learn what parts of your body need a little extra Grace extended. Students leave feeling nourished, well rested and refreshed; with a newly cultivated awareness and clarity. No yoga or meditation experience is needed and all levels are welcome.


Yomassage™ is a fusion of relaxing and supported restorative positions, hands on massage therapy and mindfulness of the body and breath. Students hold each position for about 10 minutes while a massage therapist works on different areas of the body. This Yomassage™ class is a luxurious experience that will include a nice warm room, dim lighting, plenty of props for ample support and comfort, essential oils, warm back and neck wraps, soothing eye pillows and more. Come relax, rejuvenate and renew!

Vibrational Sound Healing

We offer Vibrational Sound Healing on the first Saturday of each month.

Therapeutic grade Himalayan singing bowls, specifically designed for a subtle vibrational experience, affect the body on a cellular level. Our cellular structure is mostly intracellular fluid, so the vibrations have a ripple effect on the body and help to realign, retune and rebalance the body back to a natural state of resonance. Many times, pain in the body is washed away. The singing bowls are honed to specific, harmonic frequencies aimed to create bin-aural beats that naturally and almost instantly affect your brain’s wave lengths, thus allowing your auditory experience to take your mind and body into a state of deep relaxation. When you experience deep relaxation, stress and tension are released. Reduced stress automatically invokes a positive change in body chemistry. This natural change in the body chemistry allows the body to repair, rejuvenate and heal itself.


We offer AromaYoga on the third Saturday of each month. 

In this practice, a blend of gentle, yin and restorative poses will be enhanced by essential oils. Yoga and essential oils are two strategies that can help create personal balance and alignment. Yoga can move stagnant energy, open awareness, calm the mind, relax the body and restore equilibrium in a practice space that is entirely about you and your individual needs. Essential oils provide the body and mind with just what is needed for physiological balance and healing. Beginners are welcome.

108 Sun Salutations

We offer 108 Sun Salutations four times a year.

As the seasons change, we remember that which never changes while honoring the ever-changing nature of life. This practice is physically and mentally challenging, but extremely rewarding. We flow through nine rounds of 12 sun salutations, with a dedication before each round and a short break between the rounds, and savasana to end the practice. If you have never done this kind of practice, please know that this is not about completing 108 sun salutations. Simply being in the energy of a group flowing as one is extremely healing and empowering. Beginners without any injuries or physical limitations are welcome.