Explore Yoga with a Warrior’s Heart!

200 Hour Yoga Teaching Training with Vira Bhava

January to August 2018 | Rishi Yoga

Vira Bhava Yoga Teacher Training provides a full spectrum Integrative Yoga experience that is Yoga Alliance (YA) Certified and based on the YA standards. The training provides the resources, knowledge, experiences, and support needed so that you may recognize your individual purpose, find your passion, and move into your truth and power.

“Maybe one of the best qualities of a Yoga Teacher Training is that it holds you to the work of healing yourself. It can be so much more than simply an asana class. It’s an exploration of body, mind and soul. It’s a sangha of seekers doing the work right next to you, holding you when you are struggling and being held and guided by you when you find your way through the maze. And it’s this quality of yoga teacher training program above all else that makes a great yoga teacher. Anybody can learn the right things to say in downward facing dog, but can you speak to the way it helps you land in your heart? So if you are looking for a teacher or looking to become a teacher, be clear on your purpose. Be clear that the world doesn’t need more Yoga Teachers, what the world needs are those who have been brought alive by the practice and want to share it with others.”

~ Kelly Golden, Vira Bhava Yoga