Spring means creation. Like a seed pushing forth out of the darkness of the earth and toward the light, so do we feel the pull to lift ourselves out of the shackles of the past, out of the prison of the ego and a limited and separated self, and toward unity of heart and spirit and toward remembering who we are and always have been. We feel the pull to go home.

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth and resurrection. It is a time of alchemy and awakening. We are invited to spring clean. We undeniably feel the extraordinary power of this season, but we often mistake it for an invitation to change something about ourselves, to become “better,” more successful, or even more spiritual. I invite you to spring clean from the idea that you need to change anything about yourself. Detox from the fear based thoughts that you need self improvement. Have you ever tried to radically accept yourself just as you are right now? This seasonal pull to be reborn and reinvented is asking you to do just that. Accept yourself just as you are now, and let go of regrets or reminiscence over how you used to be. Let go of anticipation or worry about how you will be tomorrow. The past is no longer here and the present is full of opportunity to be here now, to be with yourself just as you are. Without the darkness of the past upon our eyes, we can’t fail to see the light. Let the time of hibernation be gone. Wake up. The light has come.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, join us on Sunday, March 29, from 9 am to 10:15 am at Rishi Yoga for a practice of 108 sun salutations. As we welcome the new season, we also remember and honor that which never changes, which is really the true purpose of this practice. We will flow through nine rounds of 12 series A sun salutations, with an intention/dedication before each round. This is a physically challenging but extremely rewarding and mind calming practice. The goal is not to complete 108 sun salutations — the goal is the practice itself.

With love and gratitude,